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Refractory sales and installation services


Norheat sells the most updated products in these types of Refractory:

  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket
  • Refractory Mortar
  • Insulating Fire Brick
  • Ceramic Fiber Modules
  • Castables
  • Plastic Rams
  • Body Soluble Fiber
  • High Heat Duty Fire Brick

We are the Canadian importer, installer and distributor for ITC Coatings. We offer the full line of ITC coatings specific for all applications in the Industrial Furnace Industry. Superior high efficient energy saving ITC ceramic coatings protect your refractory investment and have rapid payback. Coatings for metal, refractory linings and materials for repairing existing linings, ITC coatings are by far the most advanced ceramic coating on the market. Below is what we offer.

Ceramic Coating: Our most versatile high temperature coating has proven to achieve outstanding energy savings and refractory protection. Use it as a stand alone product or as a base coat for other ITC products.


Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair: A strong, abrasion-resistant compound for repairing areas exposed to harsh environments and mechanical abuse such as tundishes, ladles, troughs, cruci-bles and door jambs.

Ceramic Fill: An excellent durable compound used to repair broken, chipped or cracked brick and castable or fiber material. Bonds rapidly and eliminates need for costly rebricking and down time.

Ceramic Coating For Metals: An outstanding product especially formulated to protect metals and graphite, including those exposed to molten metals. It helps to prevent stainless steel and steel parts from erosion, oxidation and fatigue.


Ceramic Top Coating: A high-purity coating which gives a clean firing and minimizes impurities in gloss kilns and molten metal operations. Prevents dross, slag build-up, heavy suds and carbon deposits.


Ceramic Coating for Racing: With testing and development by Norheat Treatment Inc., ITC-TS1000 was born. This product is a significant addition to any racing industry. It slows thermal transfer and wicks away heat from unwanted areas, increasing performance and extending the life of components.

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• Iron & Steel
• Aluminum
• Waste to Energy
• Oil Refining & Petrochemical
• Glass
• Coke Production
• Cement & Lime
• Brick Manufacturing
• Power Generation
• Heat Treaters & Foundries
• Racing Industry