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Refractory sales and installation services


ITC coatings are by far the most advanced ceramic coating on the market. There are many benefits of ITC coatings including:


  • Fuel consumption in reheat, heat treat and forging furnaces
  • Heating, firing and process times
  • Recovery time
  • Scale generation
  • Slag build-up on boiler tubes
  • Refractory erosion due to slags and fluxes
  • Electrode consumption
  • Maintenance on refractory
  • Overall carbon footprint


  • Refractory brick, fiber, castables, gunite & shotcretes
  • Tundishes & tundish lids
  • Ladles & ladle preheat stations
  • Pouring troughs
  • EAF deltas
  • Metal surfaces exposed to high heat
  • Boiler tubes, steam & water piping


  • Reheat furnace thru-put
  • Furnace efficiencies
  • Refractory life
  • Residence times


  • Corrosion due to condensing flue gases
  • Molten metal breakouts in ladles
  • Shrinking of ceramic fiber

This video shows the benefits of applying ITC 100HT Ceramic Coating and 296A Ceramic Top Coat to a gas kiln and a raku kiln at the NC State University Crafts Department. Benefits include greater heat retention and reduction of heat loss through the shell, reduced firing times, improved ware quality, protection of kiln linings and reduction of wear and buildup. Explanation of the application process is also included.